We offer spectrum of services in the blockchain industry including Consulting Services, Educational Courses for individuals or companies (in-person or on-line), Smart Contract Audits, Security Audits, Crypto Wallet and Exchange development, and more.

Due to Covid-19 out services are limited as restrictions to travel are still in effect. For more information reach out to [email protected]

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George Team Member

George Petrovic


Blockchain Strategist and Advisory

George's focus is to bring blockchain undertakings and technology adoption across industries. When he is not working (consulting/advising) on blockchain projects, you can find him lecturing about blockchain architecture - vision 2030.
Milomir Team Member

Irena Cerovina


SME for Retail and Consumer Market

Irena is a customer-centric leader that builds problem-solving strategies to enhance business performance. She brings her experience from globally known retailers and consulting experience from PwC and Deloitte.
Milomir Team Member

Bilal Dar


Public Blockchain Expert

Bilal’s academic background is in engineering and computer science, but he spent the past ten years in DLT technologies and specializing in public (permissionless) blockchains, with explicit interests in bitcoin. Bilal has spent his career with the most prominent Canadian banking and fintech companies in the payments sector. He has also spent the past few years consulting and advising startups in the blockchain and health sector.
Todd Team Member

Todd Metcalfe


Digital Marketing Lead

Todd has fifteen plus years of global marketing experience within various sectors: capital markets, real estate, financial services, and fintech SaaS. He has a solid understanding of the blockchain and crypto industry and has been an active participant since early 2017.
Milomir Team Member

Milomir Dragovic

Tech Lead

Software Engineer

As a software engineer, Milo has an extensive career in software solutions development, digital product strategy and product development. Founder of TarabaTech, Milo has a great passion for educating others about technology and sharing knowledge as a lecturer.
Milomir Team Member

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