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vision statement: to spread the benefits and full potential of blockchain and crypto currencies, develop community and network where people can realize the full potential of blockchain technology.

mission statement: to educate and spread the blockchain knowledge.

By now, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are common buzzwords. However, few people have a deeper understanding of the world of Blockchain, its benefits and myths.

With our site, you’ll test your own knowledge of Blockchain technology, and discover how much your peers know. Gain the confidence you need to take part in certifications, exams, conversations with your peers or even new projects.

The Blockchain Knowledge Test site is the only site of its kind in the world. We update our Questions weekly, with input from recognized experts in the Blockchain ecosystem.

How deep the rabbit hole will you go?

Take our blockchain knowledge assessment and BKT will show you where you stand – how you compare with the rest of the community and or experts.

We have separated blockchain into many separate categories, from bitcoin and what happened in the past, to the most up to date questions on consensus mechanisms, or the state of blockchain projects such as Ethereum or Hyperledger.

You choose what you want to be tested on.

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Find out what you don’t know in the blockchain space and use the feedback by BKT to improve your knowledge and skills sets in the blockchain industry.

Find out where you truly stand in the blockchain spectrum. Do you know everything or only parts.

Find out how you compare to the top and the average mark from other blockchain enthusiasts around the world like yourself from the categories you picked.

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We provide a report with your blockchain strengths and weaknesses so you can use it and continue to grow, or show others what you are worth.

Do you know how much others know about blockchain, or do you want to compete or build a strong team? Try our test and reach out to us as we are constantly improving the experience.

Study smarter not harder.

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a global blockchain technology repository with latest reports, documents, papers that are relevant across 40+ industries. To name a few among many sectors and areas that we cover are: Banking, De-Fi, Supply Chain, Crypto Currencies, Legal, Tokenization & Digital Assets, Blockchain Use Cases, different platforms and more. Check us frequently...

Visual Aid

"One Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words" - with blockchain it is an endless amount of words. Complex subjects and ideas are demonstrated via an illustration through infographics, graphs, charts, decision paths and anything else that can help grasp a complicated matter. We additionally use various approaches to explain the same obstacle to expand the users' view.


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I took the EXAM, and it was a great test of my Blockchain knowledge. I feel more confident every time the topic comes up with my peers.
Lola Sanchez
Questions are well thought-out, and help me gain confidence ahead of my certifications.
Ali Z.
My colleagues and I found the Blockchain Knowledge exam to be very useful. Everyone in the office wants to take the exam now.
Max Hennessy
As an HR professional, I kindly ask my clients to take the ‘Blockchain Knowledge’ exam before we discuss further blockchain job opportunities.
Natalie Burgess
Human Resources
The exam I took was well worth it, together with the glossary it prepared me more than expected for my course exam. I nailed it on the final!
Jacky Wong
I took 3 exams. I got better after each one. Now I know when someone is bulls****ng.
Greg Nalikopolis

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